Mike Onslow

Ultimate Sidemen

YouTube Fan Site

I started this site to give me the chance to hone my skills on a subject that interests me. The “Ultimate Sidemen” are a group who regularly post gaming videos to the platform YouTube and have amassed quite a following (we’re talking millions of people).

Being quite early to the party I was able to procure the domain name relevant to their group and set about creating a small fan site that posted news about the group as well as links to their official channels and videos and other relevant fan accounts.

The website, albeit in a preview itteration to the current live design, even gained the attention of one the group when KSIOlajideBT Tweeted a link to the site to his 2 million Twitter followers, providing quite a bit of traffic to the site and using up a large portion of my monthly bandwidth!

Ultimate Sidemen went live in October 2014.

As part of my scaling back, this site was allowed to expire.

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