Mike Onslow

Mortlock Onslow

Original Digital Prints

Back at the start of 2016, I was inspired by some low-poly work I saw to create a low-poly version of Ipswich Town captain Luke Chambers for Hannah as a gift. When she saw it, she suggested I do a pheasant, as she thought her large Instagram following would like it – and they did. Since February 2016, when we set up our store on Etsy, we have had almost 400 orders as well as 50-or-so done directly or privately over Instagram.

We expanded to a range of numerous animal prints or all shapes and sizes, Emma Bridgewater patterned letter prints, quotes, other football players and more; as well as a number of unique bespoke requests. What started by chance turned into a great little venture for us and one that we thoroughly enjoyed throughout! I remain incredibly proud of what we achieved with no marketing beyond her Instagram followers and nothing more than an idea and a laptop.

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